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Welcome to The Equity Company!

Managing a rental property is an ever-present challenge.  It takes an ongoing commitment as well as a level of expertise and knowledge to generate the maximum return on your investment.  A professional property management team provides a property owner with resources and experience vital to investment success. Here at the Equity Company we are dedicated to helping property owners experience that investment success. Our attention to detail combined with our seven day a week commitment to service allow you to step back and consider the bigger picture, confident that the day-to-day details of your property are efficiently managed.

Our company is staffed by a dedicated team of property management professionals. Wherever your property is located, we can help you can develop your property to its maximum potential. We concentrate our efforts into not only administering the ongoing maintenance of your property, but also attracting qualified renters, and creating reliable working relationships with tenants. This means more reliable rental income, and a better long-term outlook on your investment.

If you are a tenant looking to rent a single-family home, condominium, townhome or apartment you have come to the right place. We manage all types of properties throughout San Diego County, and we are happy to help find the right place for you.